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Buckeyes expect to move up in polls

Cleveland (WOIO) - The Ohio State Buckeyes have won 21 straight regular season games, and as the possibility of a second straight undefeated season draws near, the powerhouse from Columbus has their eyes on a shot at the BCS championship game.

Heading into their bye weekend, Ohio State is ranked No. 4 in the BCS rankings, behind Oregon at No. 3, Florida State at No. 2 and Alabama at the top. This could all change, however, after No. 5 ranked Stanford shut down the Ducks for most of the game and took away a hard fought 26-20 win on Thursday night. Sixth ranked Baylor also stunned analysts and coaches around the league, taking down No. 10 Oklahoma in a 42-10 win. 

With the Oregon loss comes the possibility of Ohio State moving up in the rankings as the Ducks most likely drop. The problem for the Buckeyes lies in the outstanding play of Stanford and Baylor. Both teams knocked off high level opponents with relative ease, and can expect a bump from the computer points. Although the Buckeyes remain undefeated and still have 3 games remaining, none of their remaining opponents are ranked in the BCS top 25. It will be difficult for the Buckeyes to make any quick moves within the next couple weeks due to the upcoming bye week and lack of top level competition left in the schedule. 

Baylor, on the other hand, still has the chance to impress the BCS system with a game against ranked Oklahoma State. Stanford also has the opportunity to play a tough schedule, including games against USC, California and Notre Dame.

The Buckeyes next game is Nov. 16 at Illinois. 

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