Looking back on the Innerbelt bridge

Looking back on the Innerbelt bridge

Who hasn't raced across the good old inner belt bridge built in 1959 in Cleveland?

Presidents have traveled across, you, and generations of Cleveland Browns fans have cried riding across you after big games.

Now a new bridge, stronger but not as tall, is replacing you with a brand new handle -- named after a famous home grown politician.

"Jo Ann Davidson, the former Speaker of the House announced that a bridge in Cleveland, the I90 bridge would bare my name?  I would have to say I was absolutely stunned," Former U.S. Senator George Voinovich said.

Back in the day all of Ohio marveled at you for being the widest bridge ever built in Ohio.   More than 116 feet across.

You replaced the old central viaduct.

Along the way you did create some traffic jams!

After the collapse of a bridge in Minnesota we took a closer look at you.

In 2008 commercial trucks were banned from you because you were simply, just getting old.

Trucks were detoured so they could ease your load.

Two of your four lanes in each direction in '08 were shut down.

Recently, we all suffered from your exit and entrance ramp closures.

In 2016 a second new bridge will open and you will be demolished.

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