Tablet shopping -- which is the best buy?

Tablet shopping -- which is the best buy?

Hi-Tech tablets will be among the hottest gifts this year, for the holidays and there are more kinds on the market than ever before.

We sent 19 Action News Reporter Dan DeRoos out to find the best of the best. Best Buy employee and tablet expert Mondo Pino was his guide looking into the four hottest tablets for Christmas.

We start with the Google Nexus 7. One of the first things you notice is its size. It fits in the palm of your hand but with a beautiful display. The highlight here, if you're a Droid fan, this tablet is loaded with the latest Android platform.

"That's how Google intended it. It's made by Google so their idea is this is how Android should look and feel and navigate," explains Pino.

Price on the Nexus 7, $269.99.

Next on the list Microsoft Surface Pro 2. This is the closest a tablet can get before it becomes a laptop. Big screen, full keyboard and does just about everything a laptop can do. It also runs the new Microsoft 8.1 which allows you to customize your screen.

"If I want to customize something I just simply hold it down and drag it anywhere on the start screen and it will automatically organize it for me," Pino demonstrated.

Surface Pro 2 is our most expensive at $899.99.

Now the Kindle Fire HDX, not just for reading anymore. This hand held unit has one of the best screens out there and is one of the most user friendly. Pino calls it the best fit for kids. In fact it has the new "mayday" button allows a live tech support person to come on your screen to help with any problems. Cost $229.99.

Our last tablet will probably be the hottest. The iPad Air. Thinner, smaller, lighter, and faster than its predecessor. weighing just one pound.

"They made it lighter they made it actually a lot better on battery life they added the new A7 processor," according to Pino.

Price for the new iPad is $499.

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