More local police to get body cameras

More local police to get body cameras

BRATENAHL, OH (WOIO) - We've learned of yet another local police department moving to have officers wear cameras on their bodies recording what they do on the streets.

Bratenahl police hope to have body cameras for most or all officers by early next year. The department has had a couple of officers using them on a trial basis.

More and more local police departments are moving toward this, including Cleveland police. The body cameras capture more interaction with citizens and suspects, and they record activity in buildings or back yards--areas where patrol car cameras can not see.

Bratenahl has had patrol car cameras, and it will keep them even after it adds the body cameras.

Much of Bratenahl's police activity involves traffic stops on I90. The department says the body cameras have already paid off as officers found a weapon in a car and searched for drugs.

Officers generally support the cameras, and so do civil rights activists since the cameras show more of what happens in any encounter.

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