WWII dog tags found

WWII dog tags found

This is the emotional end of a decades long journey. The family of Lt. Jack Robbins receives the dog tags he lost in France almost 70 years ago.

"I wish my dad could be here and my grandfather," said Destany Robbins, great-granddaughter.

The year was 1944.  Lt. Jack Robbins was just 22 years old.  He was a pilot with the 396th Fighter Squadron when he was shot down over France.  He was rescued by a French Family.  

"He was charming, fun to be with," Denver resident Marcus R. Tucker said.

But Lt. Robbins would end up in not so friendly territory when he was taken as a prisoner of war, and that's when his family says he probably lost his dog tags. 

"I think what happened is they were probably roughing him up and the tags came off and they were lost," added Destany.

The tags were found in a field - picked up by a family that knew the family of Lenny. He ended up moving to the states and began immediately looking for the owner of the tags.  

"Just typing his name and looking to see if there is any information," said Lenny Aydemir of Medina.

A researcher helped Lenny locate Lt. Robbins family in Texas. Lt. Robbins had eventually escaped the POW camp and made it back to the states. He drowned while fishing back in 1969.

His family traveled hundreds of miles to come to Lenny's school to retrieve the dog tags he lost so many years ago. 

"I don't think he could even speak he would be so honored to get them back and know that people were going to reward him for what he did even though he did it because he wanted people to be safe," said Cheryl Robbins, Daughter-in-Law.

A symbol of thanks from a young French boy to an American soldier he never knew.

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