New courtroom rules credited to Judge Stokes' antics

New courtroom rules credited to Judge Stokes' antics

Judge Angela Stokes is now in the position of having to defend herself against complaints regarding her behavior in the courtroom.

Count one of the complaints against Judge Stokes is that she abuses court resources.

That is a serious charge, but one that is put politely in the document.

Around the courthouse it is said more directly that she throws the place into chaos and it is costly.

The hinges on the door to the holding cell in Judge Stokes' courtroom have to be well worn since the in and out of people she perceives have disrespected the court is constant.

The problem is that it makes for slow dockets.

Court bailiffs, employees and others are kept waiting, often for hours, incurring overtime.

It has gotten to the point that the presiding judge has had to issue rules for all courtrooms, but rules that clearly are aimed at Judge Stokes.

The rules include things such as, "all prisoners back to the workhouse by 4 p.m." and "mandatory lunch breaks".

There's also a 10 minute rule which states that staff summoned to her courtroom can leave if not utilized in 10 minutes.

Because of what the report calls excessive referrals for evaluations, the head of probation has virtual veto power over referrals that seem unrelated to the case, and all court business must be over by 5 p.m.

Court video shows a time stamp of dockets that often run well past 5 p.m.

Overtime is excessive as a result.

There are many other rules written for the overall court but aimed at speeding Judge Stokes cases through the clerk's office.

Count one concludes that the judge "has persisted in conduct that led to the rules".

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