Only on 19 Action News: In her own words: Accused, killer mother looks for sympathy

Camilia Terry
Camilia Terry
Emilliano Terry
Emilliano Terry

The first witnesses have taken the stand against a mother accused of killing her son and we're getting a look inside her mind.

Camilia Terry is standing trial for killing her 3-year-old son. Cuyahoga County Prosecutors and Cleveland Police say she first reported the child missing, then she killed him and threw him in the trash.

For a third time, Terry's written to 19 Action News from jail, and this time, she's looking for sympathy. She writes she wants to address misleading statements about her and false accusations.

Terry also plays the race card: "Since I'm African American...I automatically became convicted."

Also in the note, Terry plays the sympathy card: "I grew up where I've suffered physical, mental, and sexual abuse."

Terry didn't write about specifics. Terry writes, "They've found me guilty before I've even had a chance to argue my case. My hope is I can tell my side...let Jesus determine my fate."

The letter includes multiple complaints. She says social workers let her down, the fathers of her kids let her down and more.

Terry's lawyers told the jury, yes, she's given conflicting stories, she even got rid of her dead child's body, but she didn't kill him.

Assistant County Prosecutor Ana Faraglia told the jury, "All roads lead to one place, that is the hands of Camilia Terry."

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