North Ridgeville deals with feral cats

North Ridgeville deals with feral cats

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - A meeting was held in North Ridgeville on how to deal with feral cats.

This comes after an animal control officer shot and killed five kittens in June. That shooting incident led local residents to try to take some action.

In a North Ridgeville neighborhood along Meadow Moss Lane, feral cats have been causing headaches for some residents, like Ron Windt.

"When they come over in your yard and they do their business in your yard.  That's another problem," Windt said.

Excess cat feces in local yards.

The feral cat issue has gotten attention across the country back in June after the shooting involving the animal control officer who was not disciplined for his actions.

That sparked protests and outrage that's still evident today.

"A nuisance is not a problem that requires shooting kittens," said Binell Martino, who lives in North Ridgeville.

A group of local residents are holding a series of meetings with the Lorain County Friendship Animal Protective League to try to figure out solutions.

One idea is to trap, neuter and release the cats.

Dawn Mader has been helping that effort, "We have trapped quite a few, gotten them fixed. Kept some for our own pets that were, you know, feral cats who turned out to be fantastic pets.  Very lovable," Mader said.

The meetings between North Ridgeville residents and local officials will continue once a month.

One worker at an animal shelter said it takes time to reduce the feral cat problem and added it could take two years before residents here really see a difference.

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