Editorial Response: Paul Lawrence

(WOIO) - I am Paul Lawrence responding to Bill Applegate's Blowing Hot Air Editorial.

Mr. Applegate spoke of the folly of having windmills in Lake Erie supposedly to create electrical power for our communities.  These windmills are huge and expensive to build and install.

They are highly in-efficient and only partially succeed even with government subsidy.  As Bill said, "picture the lake half-full of windmills to create only a third of the current that's needed."

I feel strongly that the future of less expensive – and more convenient – electricity is in the use of solar panels. They will continue to become smaller and more efficient just as the batteries that hold the power are now smaller and more efficient.

If there were more solar panels on buildings and homes in our communities, there could be far less power lines going down in a storm.   Perhaps someday, we shall all be producing our own electricity with a few small solar panels on the roofs of our homes.

Thank you.

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