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19 Action News Investigation: People walk around metal detector at Cleveland City Hall

Cleveland City Hall Cleveland City Hall

A 19 Action News investigation has found, many people walking into Cleveland City Hall get told by an officer to walk around a metal detector instead of through it.

We've seen it again and again, day after day at Cleveland City Hall. With this, why have a metal detector?

Citizens getting the pass even ask--you sure that's a good idea?

The city points out it has random checking. Some people do go through a detector, and some walk around, but their bags get x-rayed. Officers decide person by person.

Cleveland Police Captain Reinhold Kauntz says officers are monitoring a variety of factors as visitors come in.

He added, police look at behavior, what a person is carrying in, and they take into account other observations in deciding if a visitor should go through checks.   

Citizens we met find that risky.  

In fact, guards at the Cuyahoga County Justice Center are facing criminal charges for not catching a gun in a purse that went through the X-ray machine.

Still, the city is OK with its plan.

Captain Kauntz added, "nothing's 100% security. I think we've seen that worldwide. If someone's determined to come in, always a chance they could get by."

The city says its procedures are recommended by homeland security experts and their guidelines. So next time you go to city hall,  just know you may have to empty your pockets. Or, you may not.

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