Beware: What's killing dogs across the country?

Beware: What's killing dogs across the country?

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Circovirus is a potentially deadly disease than can take out an infected animal in just days. It's most common in pigs and some pet birds. There have been cases in California, two dogs died in Michigan and there was a case in Ohio.

There's no vaccine, no known cure, and it's unclear how it spreads.

"What makes this scary is the fluid loss associated with it. The severity of the disease regardless of the underlying cause that's what worries us," says Veterinarian Brandt Athey.

Brandt Athey is a veterinarian at the Animal Clinic Northview in North Ridgeville.

He says luckily they haven't seen any cases at their facility but they're familiar with circovirus.

"We hadn't seen it really in dogs as a cause of gastroenteritis. I think what we know now is that we have isolated it from dogs," says Athey.

Three dogs with the symptoms died at a kennel near Cincinnati. Vets confirmed one of those dogs had circovirus.

A fourth dog got sick in just a few days.

Dr. Athey cautions pet owners not to panic, but if they think their dog is sick with extreme diarrhea and vomiting get the animal to the vet.

"Don't sit on these things cause they can cause dehydration and in rare cases we do actually lose patients," says Athey.

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