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Disabled boy's stolen wheelchair returned, but damaged

Stephen Gibson's damaged wheelchair Stephen Gibson's damaged wheelchair
Stephen Gibson Stephen Gibson

A Cleveland boy's stolen wheelchair has rightfully been returned, but little Stephen Gibson isn't able to use it.

Stephen's mother says the wheelchair isn't safe because one of the wheels is bent and the brakes are smashed.

The wheelchair was brazenly stolen out of the family's garage last week along with hundred of dollars worth of food that was in a freezer there. On Thursday night, someone anonymously returned the wheelchair to the Fourth District Police Station.

"He even joked.  He was talking to his chair this morning.  I couldn't hardly get him dressed.  He wanted to get down here, and he is patting on the chair as if, 'where you been?  I'm glad you're back!" said Barbara Gibson, Stephen's mom.

Nine-year-old Stephen, who suffers from cerebral palsy, can walk short distances, but needs a wheelchair all day at school and to ride his special school bus.

Invacare of Elyria and Miller's of Cleveland have announced they will donate a wheelchair to Stephen. The school district is also providing him a wheelchair to use in the meantime, to get him to and from school. 

Stephen's family does have insurance and Medicaid, so his now-damaged chair will be replaced free of charge. 

Someone who heard the story also sent Barbara Gibson some Giant Eagle gift cards to help replace the food that was stolen. 

"I know God is good, so I knew things would be taken care of, but it's just awesome the way people have responded."

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