Final farewell to Christina Adkins

Final farewell to Christina Adkins

The McDonald's marquee across from the Craciun Berry Funeral Home on Detroit Road reads "Rest In Peace Christy".


It's a tangible sign that says the latest chapter in the Christina Adkins story continues to weigh heavily on the psyche of an entire community.

"It's hard. It's hard to let her go," said family friend, Janice Brozek.

18-year-old Adkins was five months pregnant when she disappeared on Cleveland's west side. She was last seen on W 25th St. on January 1995.

On Saturday, her funeral card said "finally found"…October 11, 2013.

That's when police found Adkins' remains near Interstate 90 and I-176.

"This is a long 18 years of suffering and torment and to have the ending she did," said Teresa Cartwright, speaking for Christy's mother, Debbie Marmol.

Marmol showed 19 Action News a pendent she'll be wearing now with some of Christy's ashes.

"It will never come off my neck," said Marmol, as they gave Christy the goodbye no one wanted but the one she deserved.

"At least she's not laying in a hole anymore," said Brozek.

Adkin's remains were properly presented in a purple urn on Saturday.  Everything in her honor at the funeral home, in fact, was purple.  "That was Adkins favorite color," said Bozek and added, "We know she's in heaven. I know she's resting now. We know where she's at."

Some consolation also comes from knowing where Elias Acevedo is.  Charged with Adkins murder, he is finally in custody.

Christina Adkins' family has a funeral fund set up at  First Merit Bank.

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