Mom in trouble for leaving young children at home alone

Mom in trouble for leaving young children at home alone

19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek caught wind of a mother in trouble with police after leaving her five children under the age of ten home alone all day with no food in the home.

In August, officers rescued the children from a home in Cleveland's Hough neighborhood.  After making sure the children were safe, police attempted to find the mother but she was unable to be located that day.

The woman, Linda Brown, was hauled to a jail in North Olmsted for a probation violation and theft.

Brown is now facing child endangering charges as a result of leaving her children but this is not the first time that she has had an issue with authorities for her negligence.

Brown's been investigated for her lack of parenting more than a half dozen times since 2008 and has even had her children taken away for good before.

Brown's five children are now staying in foster care for now.In December Brown goes before City Judge Pinky Carr.

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