Cell phone video clears man of murder

Cell phone video clears man of murder

We've found a man just cleared of murder and defense attorneys say the key evidence is a cell phone video of a vigil.

That video is dark and shaky but strong enough to help the case of Jamal Cammack.

Cammack and another male were charged with murdering a man on Cleveland's east side because Cammack's brother had been killed.

The video was shot at a vigil for Cammack's brother.

Defense lawyers John Luskin and Ralph Defranco argued Jamal Cammack couldn't have been part of that revenge killing since it happened at the same time as the vigil, and Cammack was in the crowd.

The other suspect in this case did get convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to eight years.

But Cuyahoga County Prosecutors dropped charges against Cammack.

They'll only say after reviewing the case they concluded they did not have enough evidence.

Attorney Luskin is happy with the outcome, but he points out the death of Cammack's brother is still unsolved. The family is hoping someone comes forward about that.

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