Peyton Manning's pizza shop robbed during game

Peyton Manning's pizza shop robbed during game

(WOIO) - While Peyton Manning was busy putting an end to the Kansas City Chiefs' undefeated season, one of his Papa John's locations in Denver was being robbed.

Denver Police confirmed that the Papa John's location at 1505 East Evans Ave. in Denver was robbed during the game Sunday night. TMZ reported that the robbers came and took money from the clerk at gunpoint. Nothing has been released referring to the amount of money taken Sunday night, only a confirmation from a Denver Police spokesperson that the thing taken during the robbery was money from the register.

A Papa John's employee at the location did confirm that the location in question is in fact owned by Bronco's quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning bought 21 Papa John's locations in the Denver area last year. Until now they have been reportedly been doing pretty well. Broncos' fans get deals on pizza week to week if the Broncos are victorious. With all the victories Manning has led the Broncos to since joining the team last year, his discounts are probably becoming the norm.

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