eReaders offer privacy for indulging in erotica

eReaders offer privacy for indulging in erotica

(WOIO) - Many women are trading in their paperback romance books for erotic eReaders.

"I reach up to clasp his dear handsome face and kiss him gently," reads 30-year-old Katy Labianca.

Those steamy words now read from eReaders or tablets, gaining popularity because many women don't want others to see what they're reading. They want privacy... anonymity.

It's racy reading so women want a way to escape with erotica or romantic novels without anyone knowing.

"It just makes me want to keep reading," laughs Katy.

Katy is a busy working mom so when she gets a break from her children, she likes to turn on her tablet and sink herself into a romance book.

She started with "Fifty Shades of Grey" on paperback and has read several others like it; but only on her iPad, to save herself from embarrassment.

"Everybody knows, so as soon as they see the cover it's like 'Oh yeah she's reading that book and I wonder what's going on in her house' and stuff like that. So, no, I definitely wanted to keep it hidden," says Katy.

With the eReader she doesn't have to worry about what others may think.

"So it's transporting me away from the three hectic children and work and teaching and all that stuff to somebody else's life that like I said is not completely fantasy, so you can get into it and it's intriguing."

The industry is booming. Nearly 40 percent of all new romance books purchased are in digital form. The ease of downloading to an eReader is a huge factor in erotica's growth.

"It's entertainment.  It's escape," says Psychologist Deborah Koricke.

Deborah says the days of tip toeing up to the counter at the bookstore and asking about "those types of books" for many is a thing of the past.   She says the books can even heat up your love life.

"If they're bored in their marriage, bored in everyday life, or bored in their relationship, this could add a little spice and make them more interested in sex with their husband," says Deborah.

"I cannot contain my jubilation," says Katy.

So the next time you see someone cozy up with an e-reader it may be an erotica novel but there's really no way to judge this book by the cover, then again that's the whole point.

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