Armed property owner confronts burglars a third time

Armed property owner confronts burglars a third time
Miodrag Bugarcic (SOURCE: Oakwood Police)
Miodrag Bugarcic (SOURCE: Oakwood Police)

Cleveland Police say a man just used a gun to defend his property for a third time and this man has actually shot intruders twice before.

Miodrag Bugarcic doesn't look like the type to pull a gun on burglars or shoot them again and again.

But police say he just had a third showdown at his property on Portage off Broadway in Cleveland.

Days ago, Cleveland Police arrested Shadi Thompkins and Kelvin Crenshaw.

Police say Bugarcic held those two at gunpoint as they stripped an air conditioning unit.

Last November, police say, at that same address, Bugarcic shot and killed a burglar. Then, weeks later at the same place, police say he shot and wounded an intruder.

"I don't blame him, I really don't," said Wayne McDonald. McDonald says he rents from Bugarcic and collects his mail.

The property is dilapidated, yet so many burglars here?

Mcdonald said, "Aluminum siding. They've already stripped everything out of all these other houses."

Bugarcic has not been hit with charges in the Cleveland shootings but a few years ago, Oakwood Police arrested him for an incident with a gun.

Records show he was convicted for a concealed weapon.

We went looking for some of the people Bugarcic has shot or confronted.

We didn't find them and we didn't get much help at their addresses.

Bugarcic quickly turned away when we went to see him.  "I'm not talking," he said.