Campers set up earlier than usual for Brown Thursday

Campers set up earlier than usual for Brown Thursday

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - On Tuesday, November 19, more than a week before Brown Thursday, we found not one, but two campers waiting outside the Best Buy in Akron.

A gracious host, Jonas invited us into his tent. There were five heaters, one microwave, a TV, dishes, queen size bed and power supplies for all of it plus cinder blocks to hold it all down.

There was definitely no room for the partridge or the pear tree.  His reward is to be first in the store for shopping.

"Couple of us are looking for TV's as presents for family."

Jonas is actually a part of a group of guys who will rotate shifts.

"Somebody has to be here at all times, at least one person.  So we'll do rotates, because I've got to shower at some point."

Now there's another reason Jonas and his crew are camped out so early. They said they were tired of being second in line.  That's because at this particular Best Buy there was always one guy who showed up really early and they would have to be second.

Not this year, because the guy who's normally first is second this time around.

So we just had to ask him about being second in line this year.

"We'll what can I say, usually they do it on a Wednesday."

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