Baby Genius masters the globe

Baby Genius masters the globe

He's barely old enough to walk but when it comes to geography, he's all over the map.

At the age of 21 months, Aanav Jayakar of Cleveland, knows more than 80 capitals of countries.

"Iceland" says Aanav as he points at a map.  Aanav's mother, Bijal Jayakar, says "Iceland yes. And where is Australia? New Zealand?  Excellent."  Bijal says they started with the family's homeland, India.  "He said Dehli at 15 months old! We were so excited!"

Young Aanav also knows all 44 United States presidents—in order.  "Everytime we get magazines, he's like 'Barack Obama!' The new Time Magazine came and has JFK on cover he shouts 'John Fs Kennedy!' "

In less than a month Aanav picked up the capitals of each of the United States.

His brain is like a sponge that simply can't stop soaking up what his mom feeds him.

The youngster also recognizes more than 40 country flags.

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