Almost a Done Deal: Browns stadium improvements

Almost a Done Deal: Browns stadium improvements

The Browns will be investing $120 million to make improvements at the stadium -- but the question remained, how much would the city of Cleveland be kicking in?

We finally have the answer.

Cleveland will be spending $2 million a year for 15 years for renovations at First Energy Stadium a total of $30 million.

"We believe that this is an amount of money that we can commit to for the next 15 years without lowering service to the people, without impacting capital investment in neighborhoods," said Mayor Frank Jackson.

"For the mayor to say that we can take $2 million a year for 15 years and have no impact on our neighborhoods is just not realistic.  We still need more police.  We still need to get these streets fixed," Jeff Johnson - Cleveland City Council - Ward 8 said.

The city's deal with the Browns must be approved by the city council and it's clear there will be a fight.

The team is also getting $12 million from an existing sin tax fund.  Money that will be used on infrastructure.

Some Browns fans think the city's money could be better spent elsewhere.

"Housing.  The schools.  Schools are in terrible shape," complained Bill Sturgis.

"Haslam, he was all aboard. He was all in.  Now the city has to pay for it.  They don't have a good product.  I don't think it's right," stated Anthony Cifani.

"Honestly, my thoughts are they should invest in the actual team and get a winning team.  People love seeing a great stadium but they want to see a team that actually wins," added Victoria Dorsey.

A couple of people said they'd like to see a better team rather than a better stadium.

The Browns and Mayor Jackson are hoping a city council vote can happen next week.

That might require calling an emergency session.

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