Exclusive: Waitress facing charges for scam on customers

Exclusive: Waitress facing charges for scam on customers

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A local waitress is facing charges for what police say she did to customers using a hi-tech device.

Garfield Heights police have filed a series of charges against Cierra Dillard.

Police say she worked at Playmakers Sports Bar as a waitress and a con artist stealing customer credit cards.

The owner says he had reason to get suspicious, and he got Dillard busted.

Jerry Grabowski says, "based on our belief that everyone should be treated fairly, we contacted Garfield Heights police and explained what we were seeing."

"Dillard used what's called a skimmer or scanner. She would collect credit card numbers. Then she and partners in crime would use those numbers to make fake credit cards," said Sergeant James Mendolera.

Police have found those fake cards used at stores locally and in Texas.

Sgt. Mendolera said, "she'd hide this (skimmer) in her waistband or whatever. On her way back to the cash register, she would swipe the card. Download it at a later time to make the cards."

We went looking for Dillard -- no luck.

Police know of at least 14 victims.

Of course, after that boss turned in Dillard--he fired her.

He added, "we think that we all make choices. A choice was made here. We have to be responsible for our actions. And we had to make a choice here at the same time."

Police are now tracking down the other involved.

They suggest trying not to let your credit card out of your sight even when you use it. And, they also suggest, always keep a close eye on your statements.

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