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Turkey with all the trimmings, while you trim your Thanksgiving budget

Thanksgiving turkeys for sale at Giant Eagle Thanksgiving turkeys for sale at Giant Eagle

Turkey with all the trimmings -- but there's a way to trim your holiday budget so the meal doesn't gobble up every dime you've got.

Some experts suggest you stick with the basics -- that can save you big time.

Just turkey, gravy, potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and cranberry sauce. Forget all the extras like a ham or roast because it can add up.

Guests will eat the basics if you cook bigger portions.

But wait here's another savings experts say spruce up a discount turkey and brine it. They say Butterball turkey's, organic, or fresh birds can cost much more.

Some Giant Eagle customers we talked to are looking to save.

"I'm retired so naturally you're on a budget," a customer said.

Another tip, check your cabinet before you head to the store you may have some canned goods that you forgot about that you can use for your meal. And check the freezer too!

Of course coupons always come in handy.

If your cooking for a small group ask some of your guests to pitch in by bringing a pie or another dish.

Serve a couple of Cornish hens -- that cuts the costs as well.

Some customers we talked to say they have their list and Thanksgiving is the one holiday they don't worry about costs.

"I do do the basics, I don't over buy, but, I don't look to cut back at Thanksgiving of Christmas," stated one customer.

A lot of people we talked to are not going for this suggestion -- doing away with the turkey altogether and just having the a lot of veggies.

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