Alonzo Mitchell's Editorial

I am Alonzo Mitchell III, a Clevelander born to middle-class parents on the east side, a frequent patron of the westside and a connoisseur of all things in between.

I'm motivated by the city's history of hard work and innovation in the ways of Rockefeller, Ratner, and Garret Morgan.  A city resilient in the ways of Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Fannie Lewis and Andrew Carnegie.

Some time ago, while away from Cleveland, I wrote a letter to her. And in that letter I professed my commitment to illuminate and preserve Cleveland's rich history, to promote her as an ideal destination for business, for community and family.

Our team of young professionals is called Ohio homecoming and we are dedicating our time and resources to making New Year's Eve a special night with the country's hottest group, Krewella and Cleveland's own Drew Carey.

A wise man once told me that the greatest problem facing young people in Cleveland was their sentiment that "someone owed them something."  With Ohio Homecoming and Cleveland Rocks New Year's Eve, we intend to give back.  This is our city and the world will be watching.

Hometown pride starts with each of us.

Thank you.

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