Sweet treats tempting weight loss: Part I

Sweet treats tempting weight loss: Part I

Weight loss is something so many struggle with especially though this time of year.

But, for one woman -- it's a year long battle with temptations you wouldn't believe.

19 Action News started following this woman's attempt at weight loss back in August -- especially compelled by the tremendous goals and commitment she was taking on.

The kind of weight she needed to lose, calls for an entire lifestyle that needed to change.

At 38 years old Nicole Gilotta decided to take control and take off the weight.

"I didn't want to look at myself in the mirror. I was, I don't know if ashamed is the right word...but, embarrassed I guess," said Nicole Gilotta.

Embarrassed in front of herself, at about 5'1" and 220 pounds.

But it's not just her appearance shaking her into making a big change -- she's also a new mom. The biggest reason of all to want to be healthier, especially as she lives in fear of diabetes.

Her parents, who she also takes care of, are both diabetes patients.

But here's where her challenge is really different: she owns Gypsy Bean Cafe in Gordon Square.

"How big a role does food play in your life," asked Catherine Bosley.

"Oh my...it is my life," answered Nicole. "When you're like you need to eat something it's the fastest easiest quickest thing to grab that you grab just to keep your energy going."

Grabbing at everything from her most sinful-sweets to the comfort food calling her name.

But, now her trainer is calling out the orders.

Kevin Smythe of Fit says in his 20 years as a trainer he's never had a client like her.

No knowledge of exercise, little experience with the commitment it takes and no way to get away from temptations like food!

"There is a formula I know what has to be done and that it works so it's a matter of keeping on task, trusting the process," said Kevin Smythe.

It starts with a four month plan:

The goal, losing two-to-three pounds a week to total about 40 pounds could be big time inches lost.

The deal: One hour workouts five days a week. The food: She has to eat five times a day and it has to be 90% healthy.

So now it's on!

Thursday night we catch up with Nicole half way through her sweet weight loss journey with some moments that are well more bitter sweet!

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