Door-to-door solicitors fake, Eastlake Police warn

Door-to-door solicitors fake, Eastlake Police warn

EASTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - Local cops are alerting people to make sure door-to-door solicitors are who they claim to be.

Eastlake Police posted a warning Wednesday on their Facebook page.

According to police, the recent charades have been from funeral agencies and utility companies.

A recent event occurred where a couple knocked on the door of an elderly female and explained that they had made an appointment to speak to her regarding funeral arrangements for her future, specifically in regards to a plot of land and funeral expenses. The solicitors were alarmed and walked away from the situation, never to be identified.

The second solicitation event occurred more recently and had to do with utility companies. The company asks to see a recent electric bill and explains that they can lower prices for home owners in need.

Residents are being warned of the following:

First, the unlawful solicitors look for welcomed entry into a home in pairs for many reasons. The main reason being one party will speak to the homeowner about the scam while the second will find a way to separate themselves from the conversation to canvas the home for easy to take items. They may use the excuse of having to use the bathroom or take a phone call and leave the meeting room for criminal purposes. DO NOT LET THEM IN!!!!!!

Second, the unlawful solicitor will look at any given piece of information such as a utility bill or piece of mail, for identity theft purposes. Identity theft is a very common form of fraud and does not take much to accomplish.

Third, the solicitor will pressure the elderly or meek into "cash up front" schemes with the promise of some type of product that will never be delivered. Most commonly found in home repair scams. These criminals may have fake ID's or name badges, but please do not feel the need to allow them access to your home.

If anyone questions any person that is soliciting, please call the local police department.

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