Are these Cavs worth watching?

Cleveland, OH (WOIO) - It's getting tougher and tougher to watch these Cavaliers, especially when they coast to a 27-point third quarter deficit, as they did Wednesday night against Washington. It doesn't take a Wizard to figure out that this isn't a very good basketball team, so the question is, who's to blame?  Mike Brown will point to his starters, some of whom "went through the motions", in his words. And no doubt, a dozen games in, this doesn't look like a group that is able to, or willing to, embrace Brown's philosophy.

If that's the case, let's look higher, to Chris Grant. Is he officially on the clock yet?  His past two drafts haven't exactly been stellar. Dion Waiters? He's shown more fight in the locker room than on the court, but look at the bright least there he can get defensive. Tyler Zeller? We're waiting. And Anthony Bennett? Keep reminding me that it's early in his career, while I check out the NBA starts of previous #1 overall picks.

Win one, lose two. Is that really how this season is going to play out?  Weren't we promised it would be different this season? LeBron's been gone for three and a half years. The grace period is over. The Cavs have made multiple high draft picks since then, and they're still not a consistent, strong basketball team. And when the head coach is the one constantly questioning the effort, well, that's the biggest problem of all.

Because if they're not going to show up, why should we?

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