Students arrested in string of threats at North Olmsted high school

Students arrested in string of threats at North Olmsted high school

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - Two students have been arrested for making bomb threats at North Olmsted High School.

Thursday morning, another bomb threat was found on a bathroom wall. The building was immediately evacuated so the police and administration could thoroughly search the building. Students were allowed back inside when no bomb was found.

Police and detectives on the scene worked with the administration to continue their investigation of the past three days, and were able to arrest two students who were responsible for the bomb threats. Those students have been taken into custody and are facing serious criminal charges and school discipline.

Other rumors at the high school involve a student being found with a gun. No student at the high school had a gun, but a picture of a student with a gun was circulating among the students at the high school. The student responsible for the picture of himself with the gun was also immediately identified, and arrested Thursday morning. That student was taken out in handcuffs and will be facing criminal charges and school related disciplinary action.

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