18 years for gang member who shot Akron woman

18 years for gang member who shot Akron woman

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - William B. Dawson, of Cuyahoga Street in Akron, will spend the next 18 years behind bars.

The 22-year old convicted criminal was sentenced for shooting a woman who simply flashed her headlights.

On January 24, 59-year-old Wylene Edwards was driving down Elma Street in Akron when she saw some young men walking down the middle of the road. Edwards flashed her high beams at the men to alert them there was a car driving toward them.

Dawson, the leader of the FOG gang, responded by firing his gun at Edwards several times. One bullet grazed her right shoulder, a second bullet hit her left shoulder and a third bullet hit her windshield. The bullet is still in Edwards' shoulder because it is too close to a major artery to safely remove.

On March 6, before Dawson had been identified as the person who shot Edwards, Dawson pulled a gun on a United States Postal Service mail carrier and threatened to shoot the mailman for walking in "his" alley. The police were able to recover and test the gun from that incident. It matched the gun used to shoot Edwards.

The FOG gang is the same group responsible for the 2012 murder of immigrant Karma Tamang. OG member Corey Hardison is serving a life sentence for Tamang's murder.

Edwards pleaded guilty to felonious assault, participating in a criminal gang, carrying a concealed weapon, and other charges.

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