Sweet Weight Loss: Part II

Sweet Weight Loss: Part II

We all know how tough this time of year can be on the weight loss effort, but no one knows the struggle better than one local woman we introduced you to Wednesday night.

She deals with it all year long and as Catherine Bosley explains that's what makes her weight loss journey so sweet!

Nicole Gillota says she's always had a weight problem but never had a weight loss program like this.

At first so exciting but while her commitment never waivers doesn't take long for the reality of the challenge to set in.

While everyone faces challenges when it comes to losing weight few face what Nicole is up against.

The Gypsy Bean Cafe owner makes a living by making all kinds of tortuously tempting treats.

"Muffins, pastries, home made cinnamon rolls -- pizza...my grandma's pizza," said Nicole Gillota.

When the scale hit 220 pounds at 5'1" this 38 year old mom wants her best back!

Trainer Kevin Smyth of FIT is taking on the task.

"It's suck it up and getting out of your comfort zone," Kevin Smyth said.

A plan is in place: Four months to take off about 40 pounds and now at week six and plateau has set in.

"When we start getting into the high end cardio stuff for a length of time I feel like my body is falling apart," said Nicole.

Which can put Nicole in tears and Kevin to the true test.

"Part of me wants to back off and let her rest a little bit but, I actually know it's just getting through these parts where these tears now are going to be such joy for her in the future," added Kevin.

The problem is injuries are developing which he needs to work around and she needs to deal with..

"I just want a piece of chocolate cake," said Nicole.

But, with the weigh in comes the pay off.

195 she's down 15  -- right on track!

It's week 10 and the mission gains momentum.

"Awesome. Actually my energy is thorough the roof, my day to day stamina is through the roof," said Nicole.

So much she'd rather pass on the warm up.

Now her strength and confidence is exploding.

"So I thought I was going to be more sore yesterday after my 80 pound presses -- I  wasn't," said Nicole.

While she wants to power through, worried about another plateau Kevin stresses patience is key.

Instead weight or resistance training is the focus. Build the muscle to burn off the fat.

Soon she's down 32 pounds.

So one more month and eight more pounds to go just as the weight loss really levels off.

Tune in Friday for the finale.

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