Norv's take on Campbell's struggles

Berea, OH (WOIO) - Jason Campbell has seen the tape. Repeatedly. As tempted as he probably was to burn the tape, it was worth watching, because the Browns quarterback needed to see what went wrong, so quickly, in Cincinnati. In fact, Campbell said he watched the tape about ten times. Really?

"That was an exaggeration", laughed Campbell. "I probably ran over it ten times in my head, but that's what you call a metaphor."

It's good that he can laugh now, because the true rival awaits. The Pittsburgh Steelers come to First Energy Stadium on Sunday with an identical 4-6 record as the Browns, but with a lot more momentum. While the Browns have lost four of their past five, the Steelers have heated up, winning four of their past six.

But back to Campbell, and what was his worst performance as a member of the Browns. His coordinator believes they can figure it out, and fix it.

"The difference between playing at a high level or low level can sometimes be one or two plays", Norv Turner said at his weekly briefing on Thursday.

Turner also said there will be times when Campbell will be able to escape pressure and scramble better than he did against the Bengals.

"I think the biggest thing is, people get tape on you, and watch it, and at times, he (Campbell) stepped up in the pocket and Cincinnati had a guy spying him, and they didn't rush up the field the way Baltimore did."

Campbell gets his first shot at the Steelers, in a Browns uniform, on Sunday. They'll need him to manage the game far better than he did in Cincinnati. Then again, he had a lot of help with that collapse.

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