Text Neck: Neck injuries on the rise due to texting

Text Neck: Neck injuries on the rise due to texting

It's a heads up, about keeping your head up.

Doctors say you need to protect yourself against what they're now calling "text neck", stressing there's a wrong and right way to hold that cell phone or tablet.

Many of us spend hours each day looking down at our portable electronic devices and with that comes danger you're probably not even aware of.

"This constant stress on the backside of your head muscles creates this posture, which then creates pain in the neck,"  says Cleveland Clinic Dr. Andrew Bang.

Dr. Bang says an adults head weighs 10-12 pounds and frequently looking down adds pressure and weight on your neck and spine and can lead to injury.

"It can lead to degenerative disk disease which is irreversible, bone spurs start to grow, people get pinched nerves or herniated disks and that can lead to really intense pain," says Dr. Bang. "Give your neck a break, but if you need to use it, take it and bring it up to eye level so that your head still stays on top of your shoulders instead of stooping down looking at your lap."

If you have muscle tightness in your neck or have to crack it or shrug or crunch up your shoulders, you really need to go see a doctor.

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