Sweet Weight Loss: Part III

Sweet weight loss: Part III

You can see the fight in her. Nicole Gilotta in her last day to get to her goal of 40 pounds in four months --  tough for anyone but, imagine her challenge...

The owner of the popular Gypsy Bean Cafe where food comes first.

"You have to taste," said Nicole.

Then there's trainer, Kevin Smyth of FIT, and the determination they both have to make this happen.

Week 16 and we find a 'not-to-be stopped' Nicole at it!!

"Even my staff says man you go to the gym and you come back so psyched, we want you to go everyday," Nicole proudly says.

Five days a week at it, with 90% healthy eating, she pretty much mastered it.

Taking off the pounds and adding some muscle.

"I started running," said Nicole. "I haven't run in six years I think."

And with that, it's time for this: The final weigh in!

"184, Awesome, 184," yelled Nicole.

She's down 36 pounds in four months. Four lbs from her goal but other numbers make up for it. She lost 14 1/4 inches off her waist!

While sometimes the changes on the scale haven't been as evident Nicole has been changing on a psychological level all the way through this process.

"This is just a testament that if you put your willpower to it, you can really achieve it," stated Nicole.

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