What's next for the old Innerbelt bridge?

What's next for the old Innerbelt bridge?

With more rust then the browns have losing seasons, the days for the old Innerbelt bridge are numbered.

"We do know the demolition of the bridge will begin this winter, and it's likely to take about six months to a year until it was fully demolished," said Jocelynn Clemings with ODOT told us.

At one point blowing up the old bridge was not an option, but explosives are back to being a possibility according to Clemings.

"We have a new team on board now and some fresh perspective on how that can happen so we're really looking to them to see if there are ways to bring it down faster and that may be one of the ways."

That's a tricky proposal that will take time to plan. You have to consider underneath the old bridge you have a busy and active railroad, two streets, river traffic, a handful of businesses and the Tremont neighborhood butts up to it.

The demolition also has to keep from damaging the new bridge the state has just spent hundreds of millions on.

In the end Clemings said it may be some combination of explosives and piece by piece demolition and all of the risk and responsibility will fall on the new team of three contractors, not ODOT. The quicker the better so new construction can start on bridge number two.

"You can understand some people might be a little nervous?" 19 Action News reporter Dan DeRoos asked Clemings.

"Yeah we can understand that but there's some excitement at the same time to see exactly how it's going to be done."

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