Mass said at St. John Cathedral for JFK

Mass said at St. John Cathedral for JFK

Dozens gathered at St. John Cathedral for a mass that was said for our late President John F. Kennedy.

The bells at St. John Cathedral tolled the same way there that they did 50 years ago on this day in 1963.

It is the day when many say our innocence was lost, and Americans experienced a collective grief that no one living at the time had ever gone through before.

Joan Erhardt was only four years old at the time. "We knew it was something tragic, but we still couldn't totally comprehend it," described Erhardt.

Erhardt was one of those who gathered at the cathedral for the mass marking one of the darkest days in our nation's history.

An old church bulletin sets the scene for what the Cathedral looked like moments after JFK was shot and killed.

"People just poured out of their offices. They came in weeping and praying to God for some guidance and some reflection at that time," said Bob Tayek of the Diocese of Cleveland.

On the Monday following JFK's death, the day designated as the national day of mourning, three-thousand came here to pray.

"When it came to the distribution of holy communion they had to do it after the mass because they couldn't get down the aisles," added Tayek.

50 years later, there's still so much sadness and regret over what could have been.

"There was so much joy with his presidency. Many things were thought to be ahead of him and his presidency, but it just never came to be - it just wasn't meant to be, I guess," said Drusilla Allen of Cleveland.

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