Cheap ways to winterize your home

Cheap ways to winterize your home

The snow is blowing.  The air is frosty, but inside South Hills Hardware in Brooklyn, Adam Cook is helping customers find out how they can keep the home fires burning without blowing up their budget.

First up - a cheap way to keep the heat inside and the cold out.  Cover up your drafty windows with a window kit.

"If you have older windows, these are just a plastic film with a tape that you put around the edge, and you shrink them with the hair dryer, very simple, very cost effective," says Adam Cook of South Hills Hardware in the Old Brooklyn section of Cleveland.

Do the same for your doors with a door kit.

"They just screw to the bottom and eliminate that gap on the bottom of the door," Cook added.

Check your furnace.  Make sure your filter is clean.

"It's something you should do regularly", said Cook. "Check them and change them."

Wrap up your pipes that may be at risk of freezing.

"You could wrap them with this inexpensive foam insulation", Cook said. "If you have a trouble area where a copper line is in a crawl space you can put an electric cable on that. That would remedy that."

"Make sure you clear your gutters.  This is a really good tip because clogged gutters can cause an ice jam which can cause water to seep right into your home"

This one is free - reverse your ceiling fans so the warm air is forced downward.

Maybe most important, Cook says is to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

"Check all your batteries in your smoke alarms to make sure they are operating correctly."

A little effort and maybe a few bucks spent at a place like this will keep you chugging along all winter long.

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