Questionably high TSA salaries

Questionably high TSA salaries

(WOIO) - A local congressman is speaking out about our findings regarding the top salaries at the regional headquarters for the Transportation Security Administration. Congressman Jim Renacci has questions for the federal agency overseeing airport security.

We found some salaries for local bosses from $102,000 to $154,000 a year and the local director just retired at more than $160,000.

In a statement Congressman Jim Renacci said, "It is important that we in Washington fight to reduce spending.  We in the house passed a bill that would instill fiscal discipline, reducing bureaucratic overhead, streamlining programs and decreasing the TSA federal staffing level."

Having said that the congressman also says he's grateful to TSA employees for their work in homeland security. The salaries we looked at are not for airport screeners but the numbers were attention grabbing nonetheless.

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