Home from 'A Christmas Story' gets revived for all to enjoy

Home from 'A Christmas Story' gets revived for all to enjoy

A Christmas Story was more than a movie to Brian Jones who felt compelled to somehow honor the film.

"I always loved the movie my mom found it in the late 80's and it has always been a family favorite," says Brian.

The comedy is celebrating its 30 anniversary this year, just in time for the triple tribute, complete renovation of the house where part of the movie was shot, its museum across the street and the gift shop on corner.

Melissa Hamilton manages the shop which she calls her dream job.

"Oh it is built up to be something amazing," exclaims Melissa.

Brian bought the home on Ebay for $150,000 and spent $240,000 on renovations.

Another $150,000 went for the museum and $140,000 on the gift shop.  He has a sense of humor about the total cost which could exceed a million dollars.

'I have not yet done the math.  I was told there would be no math."

A favorite of the movie is when Ralphie badly wants a Red Ryder bb gun for Christmas despite the risk of getting his eye shot out—while a Red Ryder replica and other movie memorabilia like that famous leg lamp are right here, it is the culmination of nine years of hard work and the realization of one man's dream.

"People come here and they have such a good time.  I want to make it a really good experience for them."

Friday, November 29 at 10 a.m. is the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony at 3159 West 11th Street.

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