Browns fans tailgate despite freezing temps

Browns fans tailgate despite freezing temps

Browns fans showed off their layers on a day when more is more.

Joe Lowery gave us a little more than we expected when we asked how many layers he was wearing.

"I've got 15 pairs of sock on, 14 pair of under ware. I start piling it on and piling it on!!"

Despite the fact that the temperature was only around 19 degrees, people started partying at the Muny Lot around 7 a.m."

Hours later the mercury wasn't rising - but the energy at the Muny Lot obviously was.

The crowd was downright frigid toward Steelers fans.  That's no surprise.  What stands out is the warmth amongst friends that have fought over the Browns-Steelers rivalry since they were little.

In the dangerously cold temps, friends kept each other warm as they rooted for their team.

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