A look into the past: Deadly chase investigation

A look into the past: Deadly chase investigation

We've seen officers suspended, demoted even fired for last November's deadly chase.

So 19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek checked on punishment for other recent chases and found almost none.

There were dozens of officers and bosses punished in last year's chase across town when two people were killed.

Thirteen officers fired 137 shots and a grand jury is still investigating.

We requested a list of officers disciplined for other pursuits in 2012 and in 2013.

Reports show that just one supervisor and four officers had issues that required corrective action.

The list showed a handful in trouble for joining a chase without permission, not ending a chase or that boss not monitoring a chase.

The most serious case resulted in a one day suspension.

The police union has said the discipline for last year's chase is out of line with past cases.

Then again there haven't been chases similar to the incident.

Officers and bosses from the big chase are appealing their punishments, arguing--it's never been handled this way before.

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