City releases names of firefighters in vile prank

City releases names of firefighters in vile prank

Cleveland City Hall has now released the names of 12 firefighters facing discipline for a prank involving a picture of the former chief.

The charges were announced on Friday, but the city did not release the names until all of the firefighters had been notified.

This all relates to a photo of former Fire Chief Daryl McGinnis. Someone took a picture of him from the fire training academy and put it in urinals at two bars during a celebration for the graduation of new rookies.

Administrative charges have been filed against captains John Whalen, Roy Ziganti, Patrick Corrigan and Louis Hahn; lieutenants William Lipke and Bruce Ryan. The others are firefighters Mark Edwards, Louis Ruggiero, Robert DiSanto, Brian Webb, Daniel Sunyak and James Papcke.

All of the firefighters remain on duty and they will have hearings before the chief, fire chief and safety director to determine their punishment.

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