Suspects Arrested: WWII artifacts, replicas recovered

Suspects Arrested: WWII artifacts, replicas recovered

LAKE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Four men accused of breaking into a number of businesses over the past few months in our area.

On Sunday, November 24, the Lake County Sheriff was called to the Flea Market building at the fairgrounds in Painesville Township.

Deputies responded and found a vehicle, occupied by four males, parked about one hundred yards away from the Flea Market building. The four males initially claimed they were waiting to help a friend with caring to a horse.

The Flea Market building was checked and appeared to be secure. The males were questioned further as to why they were at this location. Inconsistent answers were provided from the four males. Two of the four males who originally claimed to be adults were identified as juveniles. The driver of the suspicious vehicle was found to be in possession of marijuana. A crow bar was also found in the vehicle.

The males then confessed to attempting to break into the flea market for the purpose of stealing property from inside.

A deputy noticed World War II era collector items inside the vehicle during the vehicle search. The deputy recalled similar items being stolen from a commercial building in Perry Township. The owner of the commercial building had reported multiple break-ins that have occurred there.

During the questioning the perpetrators had also reported World War II era artifacts and replicas as being stolen. The four males were questioned about the multiple breaking and entering complaints at the commercial building in Perry Township. The four males then confessed to committing those crimes. Deputies were then directed to the stolen World War II artifacts and replicas and recovered a significant amount of stolen items.

The two adult males will be charged with Attempted Breaking and Entering, Criminal Trespassing, Possession of Criminal Tools, Possession of Marijuana, and Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors. The two juveniles will be charged with Attempted Breaking and Entering, Criminal Trespassing and Curfew Violation.

The investigation is ongoing at this time. Additional criminal charges are pending against these two adult males and two juvenile males based on further progress from the current investigation.

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