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Thieves steal from under car hoods in Wauseon

WAUSEON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Policein Wauseon are working to figure out who is responsible for several catalyticconverter thefts.

Policesay thieves have hit several cars lately, the most recent occurred Saturday.

"It'sjust a matter of them getting under your car, taking a small saw and cuttingtwo pipes," said Chief Keith Torbet. "It's being sold as scrap at differentscrap yards, we're sure."

Thepolice have sent out alerts to local scrap yards and are working with thecommunity to keep an eye out for the missing parts.

Theysay most of the thefts are occurring in parking lots and during the day whilepeople are at work. According to Chief Torbet, the best way to keep your carsafe is to be alert.

"Ifpeople keep an eye on their vehicles and their neighbors' vehicles, this willhelp keep it down and deter it," Torbet said.

Anyonewith information that can help police figure out who is responsible for thethefts is asked to call them at 419-335-3821.

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