Editorial: City duped in stadium deal

(WOIO) - Well, while our Cleveland Browns were getting roughed up by division rivals in recent weeks, team management was running roughshod over the mayor and city council.

In a backroom deal, the mayor and the Browns negotiated a pact to upgrade First Energy Stadium. A deal approved in swift fashion by council  Monday night. And a deal that will saddle Cleveland taxpayers with a $30 million dollar tab.

The Browns, with help from the NFL, will pay for most of the $120 million in upgrades, but that still leaves taxpayers on the hook for $2 million bucks over each of the next 15 years. And for what? Improved seating that few in this impoverished city can afford? And a fancy scoreboard to help the team sell more advertising?

Well it's tax dollars that could be put to better use, like hiring more cops or filling more potholes.

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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