Exclusive: Federal lawsuit being filed in deadly police chase

Diagrams showing the gunshot locations on victim
Diagrams showing the gunshot locations on victim

A federal wrongful death lawsuit could be filed Thanksgiving day, over the deaths of two people shot by Cleveland Police. We've obtained diagrams of the victims, giving us the first look at one way lawyers will try to make their case.

The lawsuit would be filed on behalf of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, and it could be filed electronically even though Thursday is a holiday.

Attorney David Malik represents the family of Williams, and Attorney Terry Gilbert is working with the Russell family.

The heart of the argument is: excessive use of force. A year ago this week, police fired 137 shots after a long chase.

Lawyers for Williams have put together diagrams representing her body. They show how the bullets entered her body and where.

Williams was a passenger in a car running from police. The driver was Russell. CPD say they heard what sounded like a shot from the car. The car wouldn't stop and it came at officers.

Both Williams and Russell were killed, though later investigators did not find a gun.

CPD Union President Jeff Follmer issued a statement, "The evidence will show...our officers were doing their job...to protect the public. They..risked their lives. These civil claims....it is always about money.we are confident our officers will be vindicated."

Attorney Malik calls that view "uneducated."

A county grand jury is deciding if any officers face criminal charges. The civil lawsuit will go after officers, bosses and city hall.

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