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Your Week in Viral Videos: Good deals, bad decisions during holidays

The darker side of people tends to manifest itself during Black Friday. (Source: So IDecidedTo/YouTube) The darker side of people tends to manifest itself during Black Friday. (Source: So IDecidedTo/YouTube)

(RNN) - A head coach is a noble position, one of authority and leadership - unless you do something the entire world can see is horribly, terribly wrong.

Enter Jason Kidd, who the NBA just fleeced for $50,000 as punishment for staging an accidental soda spill so he could get an extra timeout and talk strategy with his players.

First off, we don't know he did that. Actually, yes we do. Reading his lips as his point guard Tyshawn Taylor approaches, if he said anything other than "Hit me," the next closest possibility implies a relationship that's way beyond player-coach. Just saying.

Second, we don't know he was talking strategy. He could have been asking them about their plans for Thanksgiving. With that hot mess of a team that has produced a 4-11 record, it's obvious their minds are on everything else besides basketball.

In the same category, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin obstructed Baltimore's Jacoby Jones while he was returning a kick along the sideline Thursday night.

Intentional or not, come on, dude. You've been a coach on an NFL sideline for how long? How do you just forget there's a game going on behind you and drift onto the field?

It must be something with Pittsburgh coaches. Anyone remember the Steelers-Jaguars Monday Night Football game in 1997 when Bill Cowher looked like he was going to punch Chris Hudson after returning a game-ending blocked kick for a touchdown past Cowher?

Good times in the Steel City. Good times, indeed.

Reminder: Black Friday destroys lives

There is no shortage of videos documenting the humanity-lowering, sadistic hoarding of goods every year on the day after Thanksgiving.

But one was particularly interesting. At first watch, I lumped the guy throwing women and children around MMA-style into the large pile of cretins who would sell a kidney to get a good place in the line for a sub-standard, high-definition television.

Several more views, mainly out of morbid fascination, revealed he was trying to save a boy and a female companion from a group of even more blood-thirsty, humanoid-looking creatures.

If you're offended by my characterization of people who are simply looking for good deals on a convenient day to shop, I want you to know I humbly, sincerely … meant every word I wrote.

Warehouse mayhem

Abandoned building. Tons of spray paint. Guy with lots of time on his hands.

It's the absolute worst-case scenario for any business owner or law enforcement officer.

Except in this case, it's art. Yeah, really.


Not just a waterboy

Dance-off between fan and usher

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