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Police Chief turned Facebook Sensation signs new book

Brimfield Police Chief signs copies of new book Brimfield Police Chief signs copies of new book

It's not every day you walk into a book store and see a Police Chief there - not to do security - but to greet his fans with one of his famous hugs and sign his new book chock full of the Facebook posts that have made him more than 92 thousand friends around the globe.

"He's one of a kind. I've never found anyone like him," says Katherine Szerdy of Hudson.  

Chief David Oliver heads up the Brimfield Police Department and was signing copies of his new book, "No Mopes Allowed," at the Learned Owl Book Shop in Hudson.  The book highlights the chief's greatest hits - or posts - on Facebook.  Even the criminals follow him.

"I said if you are follow me on Facebook, why are you here committing a crime. He said, "I didn't know I was in Brimfield!" the Chief said about one encounter with a man he was arresting.

When you go on the Chief's Facebook page, you find out why people like him so much. It's hokey. It's informative, and you are sure to find some surprises like the picture of one of "the cousins" photo shopped with the Chief's face on a picture of Elvis.

The Chief calls the bad guys he deals with, "the mopes."

His friends on Facebook are his crazy cousins.

The city jail is the Bed & Breakfast.

"He made gravy with no lumps yesterday. That's awesome, and then he rescued a 10year old from being told to go buy a tablet at Walmart. Who would do that? The guy has heart in the right place," describes Lori Owens, who drove all the way to Hudson from near Toledo to get a hug from the Chief.  

"We are discussing issues. We are not changing the world, but our corner of it is getting a little better," says the Chief.

Proceeds from "No Mopes Allowed," go to help kids who've been sexually abused.

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