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Coach Chud tackles the hot topics

Opening statement:

"Not satisfied with ourperformance yesterday, as I mentioned last night. Losing is not acceptable.It's not a mystery, there's no curse, it's not a matter of bad luck. There'stangible reasons why we lost that game. We made critical mistakes andbreakdowns that we can control as coaches and as players. That's the toughthing. There's a lot of good things happening. I see good signs in thedirection and the progress this team is making in a lot of ways and theimprovement there. Those things get overshadowed by the end results. Obviously,that's the tough thing, especially in the last few weeks. But this is what Icame here for. We have a plan. I believe in that plan and I'll navigate usthrough this to the better days that lay ahead for us. I'm fully committed andundaunted in doing that."


On if QB Brandon Weedenhas a concussion:

"He does. He has a concussionso he's in the NFL protocol. We sent him home today."


On if he knows when Weedensuffered the concussion:

"I don't. I don't knowexactly when it happened."


On how QB Jason Campbell isfeeling:

"Jason's getting better. He'sbeen cleared for activity, not practice, but for activity and we'll see how heprogresses in the next couple of days."


On if Campbell is able topractice on Wednesday:

"It goes by a day-to-daybasis, so we'll have to see."


On how he plans to preparefor the next game regarding a quarterback:

"Again, these next 24-48hours will be key. We have a number of plans, contingency plans, and we'll see,as I get more information, how that plays out. But all of the possibilities areopen right now."


On why he chose anaggressive approach on the last few possessions of the first half:

"I think, as you look at it,those were not good (quarterback) decisions; they were tight coverage.Obviously, Brandon would like to have those back. The last drive, I felt likewe threw a couple of short passes and put ourselves in position at midfield.The last play there (the sack-fumble) was a matter of protection. We actuallyhad (WR) Josh Gordon open for about a 25-yard gain on the sideline that wouldhave put us in field-goal range. The opportunity to get a field goal therewould have been huge going into the half and then having the ball (to start)the next half. I think it's a philosophical thing. Generally, I want our guys,and we're going to continue to develop that type of mentality, aggressivementally. We're going to play to win. We're going to expect good things tohappen and make good things happen, as opposed to being concerned about the badthings that might happen. There's going to be times where it works out andthere's going to be times where it doesn't work out. Obviously, hindsight is20/20."


On if he would benchWeeden, if healthy, due to all of the turnovers:

"Let's let these next coupleof days sort themselves out and we'll look where everybody is at that point."


On how late he can go tobring in another quarterback:

"We can wait. We have a fewdays to let it sort it out and we'll have to know something by the time that weget into practice time. If Alex (Tanney) is the guy, then we'll have him readyand have him working and he'll have a package where he can be successful with."


On if he could bring in aveteran QB to start:

"As I said, all of thepossibilities are open right now."


On whether Monday night isusually the time starting quarterbacks are decided:

"That's right."


On if he will havedifferent possibilities due to having two quarterbacks with concussions:

"That's exactly what we'redoing. We'll have different possibilities and we'll have to see how it playsout during the course of the week, when guys can practice or be cleared topractice, or be cleared to play. Then how much practice time they would need inthose situations. It may be different for each guy."


On what he saw on theinterceptions and if they all were Weeden's fault:

"Again, they weren't gooddecisions. The coverage was tight and, as I said before, those are the thingsthat I know Brandon would want back. I thought that he did play very well attimes; he made some good decisions and some great throws. But those are thethings that we have to correct and get better at."


On if a receiver wassupposed to be at a specific spot on the second interception:

"It was a timing route thathe threw to a spot and, again, coverage was too tight."


On if Weeden threw theball late on the first interception:

"It wasn't late. Again, itwas just a tough throw to try and fit in there."


On the timing of Weeden'sconcussion and whether it may have affected his play:

"I don't know when andexactly how much affect it had on him."


On Weeden playing withoutreporting concussion symptoms until after the game:

"Well I've seen that happenbefore, where guys have done that."


On what he would say to DBJoe Haden on the play that led to a late Jacksonville lead:

"Well, as far as Joe goes,and I've talked about it before, he cares a lot. It's important to him. I thinkyou saw that in his reaction and I want guys that are like that and feel thatway. He's a great player. He made a mistake. It happens to everybody and theimportant thing is how he reacts to it. He'll learn from it and I have all ofthe confidence in the world in Joe."


On the players'frustrations:

"The frustration is natural.I have it; I feel it as well, so it's natural. The key is that we funnel it andfuel it, use it as fuel to take us in the right direction and to get better andstep forward the next time we have an opportunity. That's how we've approachedit. Again, these guys are competitors. I look the guys in the eye in themeetings, the locker room, and they want to win. They'll do whatever it takesto win. As I mentioned at the outset, there's tangible things that we can dobetter to win and when we do those things we'll give ourselves thatopportunity. That's the bottom line."


On if he needs to addressplayers airing out their frustrations regarding turnovers:

"No. We stressed all weeklong about the importance of turnovers, creating turnovers and not turn theball over. That is a tangible thing that was a goal for us to do and we weren'table to do that. They (Jacksonville) beat us in the turnover battle and theturnover ratio. So guys talking about it isn't an issue. I know that as I talkto guys, they all are focused on what they can do better, whether it'sthemselves as individuals or their side of the ball or their position group,whatever it is. I think we're in a good place from that standpoint. Maybe I'mdifferent than a lot of people, but I think the frustration, thedisappointment, those things to me are signs that guys care, and I want thosethings. Again, the key is we channel those to go in a positive direction goingforward."


On comparing the earlyseason Browns at 3-2 with the Browns today:

"I'd have to think back; thatwas a long time ago. The end result is we're not getting the end result in thewins. I think in some areas we're playing better, in some areas we're not. Butat the end of the day, if we're turning the ball over and we're not able to getthe turnovers, and some of those things, or overcome them, we're not going tohave the record that we want."


On if he feels the team isstarting to point fingers at one another:

"I really don't see it atall, in that way, that that's happening. I think, again, everybody yesterday,it was a team. It was a team loss. There were spots in places where we all hadopportunities to do better, coaches included. We'll work to dothat."       


On what happened on thefinal drive for Jacksonville:

"They got a few big plays onthat final drive that were key there. It's the point in the game where you'dlove to shut them down. Obviously, coming back in the see-saw nature of thatgame was huge. I mentioned it yesterday, I thought that the guys showed a lot ofresiliency in that game. For things to happen and us to bounce back, the backand forth, I give Jacksonville a lot of credit for what they did. They madethose plays on that last drive and we're a whisker away on one of them. (DBLeon) McFadden, the ball just goes over his head, just is a little too high, orwe get an interception a play of two before that."


On if the team wascelebrating too soon after the 95-yard touchdown by Gordon:

"No, I didn't see that atall."


On if he and offensivecoordinator Norv Turner discuss strategy during the game (e.g. whether to takea knee going into halftime):

"We discuss that as well aswhat exactly from a play-selection standpoint what we're thinking there. Again,I mentioned that we worked a couple short passes to get ourselves in positionthere right before the half. We had the play that we wanted but protectionbroke down and we had a sack-fumble. But we had Josh (Gordon) on the sidelinethere and we're kicking a field goal the next play if it works out the way we wantedit to work out."


On run-game production,especially in the second half:

"It was both. It was acombination of that and wanting to run the ball a little bit more and feelinglike we could. From what they did from a coverage standpoint and defensive standpoint,they gave us the opportunity to do that as well."


On WR Josh Gordon:

"I think you're seeing theproduct of his hard work and his commitment to what he's been doing. It's nosurprise to me. I saw this a number of months ago and those are, I think when Ispoke earlier about the team and seeing some of the signs and some of thelittle things and the improvements, that's what I saw in Josh months ago. Ithink you're seeing the results; you're seeing the end results in the last fewgames. He's improving as a player. He still has room to grow and get better asa player and we're continuing to work with him and push him in that regard.He's been receptive and been in a forefront and wanting to be good. I thinkyou've seen the confidence grow on his part, as well as he's playing and he'sseeing the things that he can do."


On what Gordon does to getopen:

"He can run; he's got bigstrides. He's very deceptive in how fast he is when he's running. I think yousee that, and he just looks so smooth out there. The next thing you know, he'srunning by somebody. But he's really improved as a route runner. I think hemade some huge catches as well going over the middle. You see some of thetoughness, some of those things that I think he's grown as a player in termsof. Again, there's still a lot of time for growth and we're going to continueto coach him hard."


On why the defense seemsto struggle in the red zone:

"It's been a number ofthings. Yesterday we had a communication breakdown on one of the coverages. Theyran the trick play, halfback pass, which is a tough one. It's a tough thing todefend. We've been working hard on (red-zone defense) and we've recognizedthat. We've been working extra over the course of the week and in practice inaddressing that. It's something that we have to really harp on and improve on."


On if the defensivestruggles in the red zone are mental:

"Idon't think it's a mental thing. Again, pass rush is something we want toimprove. Red zone is something we want to improve."

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