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Family reacts to disturbing video of grandson being bullied


A Tri-State family has seen the video of their grandson being attacked and taking repeated blows the to head while other children watch and record what happened.

Police tell 14 News that the fight took place Friday afternoon at the south side park in Princeton. The family of the 12-year-old victim tells us they want something to be done so the bullying doesn't escalate. 

In that video, children gather around, some laughing and cheering as they watch one child repeatedly punch another child in the head.

"I just couldn't believe it. At first you thought, is this for real or is it wrestling and it just started making your stomach turn as you kept watching it. It was just unbelievable," the victim's grandmother said.

The victim's grandparents were shocked to see their grandson pinned on the ground taking a severe beating. You can hear voices in the background yelling "grab his ankles" and "hit him hard". The family says the bystanders are just as guilty as the attacker.  

"You'd want to think that someone would jump in and help. Hearing the talking in the background and the people moving around, you know that there's people there that might have been able to assist with getting the thing at least settled down. It's like nobody took any action other than cheering," said the victim's grandfather.

The video goes on for nearly one minute and then ends abruptly. 

Princeton Police Chief W.W. George says they've seen the video and spoke to both boys involved. He says they shook hands and made up, but the family says things aren't that easy. 

"Is it really over? Does it really solve anything just shaking hands," the victim's grandmother asked.

The victim's mother says she spoke the attacker's grandmother, who stood up for her grandson's actions, suggesting they teach the victim learn to defend himself. 

Grandmother "Ended up saying, 'If that was my kid, they need to learn to fight,'" said the victim's grandmother. "As far as other kids out there, if they could just put themselves in his place. Would you want that video out there for all your friends to see?"

We were unable to talk to the family of the other child involved. Police tell us, as of now, no charges have been filed. 

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