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Final days of Ariel Castro: Breaking down his letters from prison

Ariel Castro in court Ariel Castro in court

The hand written letters from Ariel Castro provide a window into his last days. One is dated September 3, 2013, the day Castro hanged himself in his cell. In it he quotes Bible passages.

19 Action News Reporter Dan DeRoos took the letters Pastor Neil Kookoothe of St. Clarence, who has worked with 34 death row inmates.

"I am right on board with the majority of citizens here in Cleveland about the reprehensible acts of Ariel Castro. They are inconceivably brutal and horrible," said Kookoothe.

"But is it possible to be saved?" DeRoos asked.

"You know what I believe it is."

In the letter Castro writes, "If you will be saved."

He goes on to say, "God loves you, for all are sinners, we all fall short of the glory of God." The letter ends with, "Christ is my savior. And yours."

This move to God is something this pastor has seen before.

"When there is nowhere else to turn but to God, I don't know that we should be surprised that people turn to god and find him," Kookoothe explained. "So a desperate man turning to God and finding God, I think is very plausible."

But is this letter a desperate plea to God, or is it possible Castro truly regrets?

"Perhaps here's a man who literally knew the gravity of his situation and the gravity of his deeds, and was looking for something where he might find salvation. That there might be forgiveness and redemption," Kookoothe explained.

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